512 Psytrance Presets For Sylenth1


512 enormous Psytrance Presets for Sylenth1 from Spectro Senses! These sounds have to be heard to be believed: this is one totally essential Psy sound bank, perfect for pure Psychedelic Trance productions and all Psy sub genres including Progressive, Fullon, Psychill or any other: we love this soundset!

From phat psytrance basses to twisting acid arpeggios, haunting pads, electric zaps, crazy FX and a massive selection of all-new psychedelic synths this soundset has it all: download this stunning bank today and get every element you’ll every need to create instant Psy production heaven using Sylenth1!


With support from Psychedelic Trance artists including Atacama, Aerospace, Audiotec, Doppler Shift, Ovnimoon, Symbolic & Spinal Fusion, you know that this is one soundset to be reckoned with! Here's what producer's are saying about '512 Psytrance Presets For Sylenth1'

Symbolic (Nano Records)
"Cool job! Very useful bank, recommended!"

Atacama (iono & Digital Om)
"We really appreciate working with this amazing preset pack. The sounds are great and can be used in a production very easily, and that keeps the work-flow running. 512 sounds for Psy that we really can recommend!"

Audiotec (Tech Safari)
"A massive and impressive soundbank for Psytrance! Easily picked some cool presets for my new tracks."

Aerospace (Digital Nature)
"Very useful pack! Super cool Psy sounds and killer basses. Going to use this for sure!"

Ovnimoon (Geomagnetic)
"Awesome Job from my friend Ronei... super useful stuff!! I fully support this release! :)"

Spinal Fusion / Doppler Shift (Profound Records)
"These presets are surely a collection of pure hard work. Spectro Senses has put a in a lot of effort making these presets. I would highly recommend this preset bank to any producer into pure Psychedelic Trance."